Renovation and Property Improvement


Once you have taken that important step towards financial freedom with your real estate investment, you may be looking to maximize your return on investment with a revenue-generating home renovation project. Renovation and Property ImprovementThe team at BrightWave Capital, LLC, has years of experience in property renovation project management and offers the insight needed to complete a successful rehab to maximize your investment. We understand that all projects are unique and as we do with all other aspects of our business, we will consider your specific case and unique project. Our goal is always to maximize the return on your investment and that is no different when it comes to your renovation project.   The team at BrightWave Capital, LLC, will ensure a sound renovation project strategy, adherence to completion schedules, and the maintenance of your renovation budget. Our involvement in your project includes:
  • Visits to your property to assess the project
  • Development of a scope of work for the renovation
  • Creation of a budget and project plans
  • Selection of highly regarded contractors
  • Progress monitoring through on site visits
  • Frequent reporting
  • Final walk-through inspection to ensure a seamless transition